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CALL FOR PAPERS Book Title: Socio-Legal Imaginations: A Field in Development

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Book Title: Socio-Legal Imaginations: A Field in Development
This edited book collection critically explores theoretical developments in the emerging field of socio-legal
studies. In contrast to doctrinal legal scholarship, which primarily focuses on law as a system of rules and
regulations, the field of socio-legal studies complicates the role of law by conceptualizing its
discourse/knowledges, codes, and techniques as playing an important role in mutually constituting relations of
power, subjectivity, and identity.
By drawing specifically on governmentally, post-structuralism, feminism, critical race and post-colonial theory,
queer theory and critical sexuality studies, legal pluralism and/or legal consciousness, contributing chapters will
critically engage with one or more of the following questions:
- How does law’s power mutually constitute classed, gendered, sexed, racialized and ethicized bodies in
historically specific ways?
- How does law’s power (re)-produce and/or maintain dominant social structures, such as colonialism,
patriarchy, heteronormative hegemony, or capitalism?
- How does the law inhibit or facilitate dissent, social mobilization and resistance?
Topics may include, but are not limited to: Citizenship, Borders and Migration; Crime, Security, and
Governance; Critical Disability Studies; Globalization and Human Rights; Global Justice and Social
Transformation; Law, Culture and Humanities: LGBTQ issues; Policing, Surveillance, and Technology;
Indigenous Sovereignty
BOOK OBJECTIVE: This book aims to challenge the prevailing misperceptions that socio-legal studies is
another way to refer to the study of doctrinal law or that it exists only as a sub-discipline within sociology. By
exploring the original work of current and emerging scholars in socio-legal studies, this book will reveal how
scholars are establishing the discipline as a distinct and independent field of critical scholarship through the
development of social-legal theory and its application to contemporary social issues.
PUBLISHER: The book will be published with a reputable academic publishing house. We are currently
negotiating with the University of British Columbia press. The publication is expected to be released in 2018.
DEADLINES: Abstract submission deadline: September 23rd, 2016
Proposal acceptance notification: November 25th, 2016
Full chapter submission: June 16th, 2017
> Title of contribution
> Abstract (350 words) and Keywords
> Brief Bio of Author & Contact Information (Name, institution, and mailing address)
*Final chapters are to be a maximum of 8000 words (not including bibliography/appendices). Contributions must
be original and unpublished, and not submitted for publication elsewhere.
EDITORS: Mariful Alam (York University), Pat Dwyer (York University), Katrin Roots (York University) & Dr.
James Williams (York University)
CONTACT: For additional information, please contact Patrick Dwyer: