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Materials for CLSA AGM, July 3, 2013, 12:45-2:15

Sat, 2013-06-29 21:22 -- manager
Dear CLSA members:
Our CLSA AGM will be held at the Law on the Edge Conference on July 3, 2013, 12:45-2:15 in room 104, Allard Hall.
Please find the materials for the meeting attached to this email.  The materials include the agenda, the minutes from the 2012 AGM and 2013 Mid-Winter Board Meeting, as well as the List of Nominees/Bios for the CLSA Board Elections (to be held at the meeting).
It would be great if you could print the materials yourselves or alternatively, access them electronically at the meeting.  This would save a few dollars and if accessed electronically, a few trees.  We will be bringing along a limited number of hard copies.
Looking forward to Law on the Edge and to seeing everyone at the AGM.
Lise Gotell and Josephine Saverese, CLSA Co-Secretaries