Graduate Students

The CLSA values graduate student participation in Association activities and conferences. There are two Graduate Student Representatives on the Board of Directors. Graduate students from any academic discipline who are engaged in socio-legal scholarship are warmly encouraged to participate in the CLSA annual meeting, to present papers and chair panels at the annual Conference, and to submit articles to the Canadian Journal of Law and Society.

The CLSA Graduate Students have their own facebook page where more information of relevance to the CLSA's Graduate Student members can be found:
There are two Graduate Student Representatives on the board. One rep is elected each year for a two-year term. With financial assistance from the Association the grad reps organize a social event during the CLSA annual meeting exclusively for grad students and plan and organize workshops on issues of particular concern to graduate students, such as how to give effective conference presentations; how, where and when to publish; and academic job hunting. Suggestions for upcoming workshops are welcomed at

Funding Procedure for the Annual Conference

The CLSA has a limited amount of funding to cover graduate student travel to the annual meeting. Funding is provided after the conference. In order to be eligible for funding, graduate students must be members of the CLSA, and they must submit their original receipts and boarding passes/tickets with their application. The deadline for submission is the next August 1 after the conference. The amount of funding varies from year to year and depends on how many graduate students apply. The CLSA's funding is unlikely to cover all expenses and graduate students are encouraged to seek alternative sources of funding.

Graduate Student Essay Prize

The Roderick A. Macdonald Graduate Student Essay prize is awarded annually for the best essay on a topic in law and society written by a graduate student at a Canadian university. For further information or to make a nomination, contact the CLSA at


The CLSA mentorship program offers the opportunity for students to access a list of peers available for an individual mentorship relationship. Both experienced law and society scholars and graduate students in the later years of their program offer various kinds of advice or help, including:

with grant applications, from scholars and students with experience with granting agencies;

with the peer review process when publishing academic work, from scholars and students with experience as journal article evaluators, on editorial boards, and as authors themselves;

with the hiring process, from scholars with experience on hiring committees and from students with first experiences in the process as candidates;

with graduate admissions, from scholars with experience as admissions coordinators or committee members;
with conference presentations, from scholars and students with experience presenting in small-scale (workshop format) to large scale (symposium format) forums;

with teaching, from experienced scholars and students teaching their first classes.
The program is intended to build stronger connections within our community by offering students a source of advice and constructive critique alongside the supervision they receive within their programs.

This project is at the recruitment phase. Scholars and graduate students wishing to offer mentorship in such categories and others are warmly invited to contact us at, stating their research fields and the topics on which they are interested in providing advice to students who will reach out to them.